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Side Stepping the DNO

3rd April 2014

The power has shifted to the hands of the District Network Operator (DNO) when submitting plans for solar PV. There are already many areas of the country where networks are struggling to take more large scale installations.  Local infrastructure, in some areas, is simply inadequate to take the added load of electricity generated by solar PV without expensive upgrades. Unless already scheduled by the DNO, the cost of these upgrades could land on the customer, making the project financially unviable.

However, we have the answer.  We can now design systems and extensions that would normally be rejected, or reduced in size, with the installation of a controlled system to limit the power being returned to the Grid. 

A current farming customer is a high energy user and does not export any power, yet was not allowed to extend its solar PV system for more output, despite the fact that the power will be used on site. The DNO has restricted the total system size in case the farm’s refrigeration units ever have to be switched off. Using our new controlled system design, we can now install more solar PV to cover the farm’s energy use without DNO restriction. Most DNOs will accept this compromise of a controlled system and that means planned projects can go ahead without alteration or reduction in size.

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