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Sea of Rooftop Solar Potential - 10th September 2014 Once again, it’s all about to change.  As of 1st April 2015, and two years earlier than planned, the Government is pulling the plug on the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme for new solar farms with a capacity greater than five megawatts.  The changes come in the wake of a period of sustained growth in ground-mounted solar PV which has seen deployment levels of over two gigawatts durin... Continue reading
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Three Self-Contained Biomass Units Commissioned - 1st August 2014 Summer 2014 sees the commissioning of three commercial, self-contained biomass projects, designed and installed by TGE Group.  Each project is for a different sector, care home; school and golf club, yet they all share high heat requirements and were keen to upgrade costly, outdated heating systems. Another aspect that each project has in common is that space was at a premium and the b... Continue reading
When Renewables Make Business Sense - 3rd July 2014 The case for renewables is often the subject of much debate, but there are certain sectors for which it clearly makes good business sense whether it’s due to a company’s location and proximity to resources or simply because of their high energy use, explains Stephen Davies, from renewable specialists, TGE Group. For businesses with large roof spaces or south facing roofs, there is cl... Continue reading
Macquarie Bank Funding for Self Storage - 19th June 2014 UK commercial solar rooftop installations have been held back to date by a combination of economic uncertainty and cash flow constraints, but Stephen Davies of renewables specialist company TGE Group hopes that a new funding deal and a relaxation of planning regulations will help unlock the potential that self storage roof space holds. With an estimated 250,000 hectares of south facing ... Continue reading
Out and About – with the TGE Group Installation Teams - 10th June 2014 This month our installation teams are stretched from Essex to Lancashire and across to Norfolk working on a wide range of renewable and energy efficiency projects.  We are definitely seeing a change in installation types with over 40% of our business now comprising of heat projects, such as heat pumps and biomass.  More commercial rooftops are in the pipeline for solar PV as commercial cus... Continue reading
It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money… - 8th April 2014 The UN’s latest and most comprehensive climate panel report states that there is overwhelming evidence to prove that climate change is definitely happening; it’s real and it’s posing a significant threat to, amongst other things, food security and humankind itself. It’s also clear that human-induced warming is likely to lead to large-scale and potentially irreversible changes in ... Continue reading
Side Stepping the DNO - 3rd April 2014 The power has shifted to the hands of the District Network Operator (DNO) when submitting plans for solar PV. There are already many areas of the country where networks are struggling to take more large scale installations.  Local infrastructure, in some areas, is simply inadequate to take the added load of electricity generated by solar PV without expensive upgrades. Unless already schedul... Continue reading
Don’t Let Capital Delay Your Renewable Project - 12th March 2014 According to government statistics, over 80% of people in the UK are in favour of renewable energy, with the return on investment and ongoing benefit of reduced energy costs making renewable technologies significant assets.  However, despite the benefits, lack of funding is still one of the most common reasons for commercial projects to stall.  This small hurdle is well worth overcomin... Continue reading
Panels are better than Pensions, says Minister - 3rd March 2014 Installing solar panels on household roofs is a better investment than a pension, says energy minister Greg Barker.  He has suggested that anyone approaching retirement should consider putting some of their savings into solar panels because they can provide a better financial return than a traditional pension. It’s hardly surprising the minister has been championing investment in sola... Continue reading
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What are we up to? - 24th February 2014 Installing renewable energy is a large financial commitment and many of our clients find it reassuring to know what projects we have done and what we are currently working on.  A look through our case studies may provide enough information, however, these provide only a snapshot of the hundreds of renewable installations that we have completed. February 2014 was a busy month for new enq... Continue reading