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Ongoing RHI Compliance - 25th November 2015 To comply with the non domestic RHI scheme, owners are required to carry out regular maintenance of the equipment and heat meters, in line with manufacturer instructions and keep a record of the maintenance schedule. However, statistics from TGE Group’s After Care team show that only 50% of customers take out maintenance contracts with biomass installations, whilst the figure is just 20% for ... Continue reading
Do we need Energy Storage? - 13th November 2015 The groans coming from the National Grid are getting louder as the ageing infrastructure struggles with renewable energy generation exceeding network capacity. Without a suitable storage mechanism, the Grid’s answer is ‘curtailment’, effectively sending excess power to ground or stopping turbines from turning. What a waste! The main problem is that solar and wind turbines are intermitt... Continue reading
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Combining Renewable Effort - 10th November 2015 It may seem a daunting prospect to invest in two renewable technologies at once, but in the case of heat pumps and solar PV, they are natural partners offering impressive results when working together.  In the past year, we have installed this powerful combination to help a range of industry sectors bring down operating costs and increase returns.  Instead of exporting excess electricity a... Continue reading
Cleaner greener milk - 9th November 2015 Over the last ten years we have been aware that the carrot of renewable incentives would slowly diminish, to be replaced by the stick of non compliance. This has now become evident for dairy farmers as a leading producer, Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG), announces that members will be measured annually for environmental management including an annual carbon footprinting assessment.  ... Continue reading
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Solar rush is on! - 9th November 2015 The inevitable result of the government’s constant tinkering with the FiT scheme for solar PV, is periods of ‘boom and bust’, where customers rush to install before tariffs are reduced. This is predictably followed by a quiet period, which usually builds up to another rush. All we ever ask for is a clear and steady policy from which to build a sustainable industry, but to no avail. The... Continue reading
Hot yoga suite turns on the heat - 7th October 2015 TGE Group is currently installing a new heating system for a hot yoga suite, fuelling the latest fitness craze.  If you haven’t tried it, the idea is to replicate conditions in India, where yoga originated, with high heat and humidity to increase an individual’s flexibility. Demonstrating its own flexibility once again, we have used heat pump technology to provide the answer.  With col... Continue reading
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Heat bonus for riverside leisure centre and poultry farm - 7th September 2015 What have the heating systems of a Welsh poultry farm and a marina complex in Cambridgeshire got in common? They are both making full use of a passing river to increase the efficiency of their heat pump systems. When our heat pump engineers, clad in wet suits, jumped into the chilly River Ouse earlier this summer, to lay the heat pump collectors, it was hard to believe that this busy home to... Continue reading
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Act Now Before Major Solar Tariff Changes - 2nd September 2015 Last week the Government released their consultation on a review of the Feed-in Tariff scheme, which we had been eagerly awaiting. The announcement was far worse than the industry expected and has probably made the Solar industry very unstable in the short term. However, I am optimistic that solar PV will be a more important technology for delivering our electricity in ten years’ time than it... Continue reading
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Renewable Shake Up – What is happening? - 2nd September 2015 Solar PV Just when we seem to be on a clear track for solar, the government decides to make some changes to make it less popular. Not, perhaps, the greenest government approach. The latest consultations will dramatically reduce the number of large ground mounted installations, like solar farms. The biggest change for small and medium sized commercial installations is likely to come in ear... Continue reading
Energy Jam on National Grid - 6th August 2015 Connection to the National Grid is preventing the growth of renewable electricity projects. Two years ago we highlighted how many solar energy projects were effectively being held to ransom by DNOs, as in many places the grid simply can’t cope with new connection demands without costly upgrades. We’re pleased to say that the Renewable Energy Association (REA) has recently echoed our call... Continue reading



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