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Solar power on the rise, gas on the wain - 14th April 2015 A recent article by the Guardian has claimed that the UK is well on the way to meeting its 2020 renewables energy target, with gas dropping off by more than a fifth in the years from 2005 to 2012. With wind and solar power on the rise and gas and coal on the wain, green house emissions are being driven down meaning that the UK is on target to be producing 15% of all its energy from renewable... Continue reading
Site update - poultry farm heat pump installation - 6th March 2015 9/3/15 - Work is well underway on TGE Group's installation of a 1MW ground source heat pump on a new poultry farm in Shropshire.  This flagship project will provide controlled heating and cooling to four new 50,000 capacity poultry units. During a site visit this week, borehole drilling was well underway, with a quarter of more than 100 boreholes now complete and the TGE team hard at work c... Continue reading
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Why Renewables must be on the election agenda - 20th January 2015 As we enter election season the big headlines are Europe, NHS and the economy.  With the price of oil reaching a new low, the cost of energy seems to be slipping off the radar, despite promises from party leaders less than two months ago. The reality is that energy should remain a critical debating point for all parties, in order to challenge the cost of energy, our country’s CO2 emission... Continue reading
TGE Group joins solar industry leaders in London - 17th December 2014 Rupert Higgin, TGE Group Managing Director reports back from the Shard, London where he attended a reception last night, held by the BPVA, the national trade association for the UK solar PV industry. ‘The World is waking up to solar’ appeared to be the key message at this year’s event with guests including Greg Barker, Dr Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive of the REA and the Ambassador fo... Continue reading
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Moving with Solar Panels - 8th December 2014 Stephen Davies, TGE Group Sales Director discusses opportunities to relocated with your solar panel array: One concern often raised by businesses looking to install solar PV is that they can’t take it with them if they move premises.  The good news is that this could all change with the UK government announcing plans to allow businesses to take building-mounted solar panels with them sh... Continue reading
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How renewables can feather the nest for poultry farmers - 1st December 2014 Stephen Davies, Commercial Director of TGE Group on poultry farming and renewables: It is becoming more widely accepted that renewables provide excellent returns and opportunities for poultry farmers but a recent report has highlighted some clear cut opportunities for poultry farmers looking to fund new poultry sheds in order to cater for the growing demand for their birds. The poultry indu... Continue reading
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Winter Heating Generates Income - 11th November 2014 The temperature is dropping and boilers are hard at work across the country.  For some this is entirely good news as generating renewable heat means generating income. Our heat pump and biomass customers are counting the pennies for every kW hour of heat they generate.  Whether it is for a district heating scheme, keeping poultry units at the critical temperature or for generating the ... Continue reading
TGE Group Joins British Farming Awards Judging Panel - 20th October 2014 Rupert Higgin, Managing Director of TGE Group has been part of the judging panel for the British Farming Awards 2014.  “We were delighted to be asked to help with the judging of the ‘Renewables Innovator of the Year Award’.  We are one of the few companies in the UK with experience of multi technology renewable installations in farms, giving us the knowledge to judge the entr... Continue reading
Getting Renewably Left Behind By Europe - 29th September 2014 Industry Comment by Rupert Higgin, Managing Director, TGE Group It’s been a decade since the block of 28 European states (EU28), including the UK, committed to the target of ensuring that 15% of all energy consumed would be from renewable sources by 2020.  So how are we faring towards achieving this legally binding target?  Well, the latest statistics don’t make for a great rea... Continue reading
Sea of Rooftop Solar Potential - 10th September 2014 Industry comment by Rupert Higgin, TGE Group Managing Director Once again, it’s all about to change.  As of 1st April 2015, and two years earlier than planned, the Government is pulling the plug on the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme for new solar farms with a capacity greater than five megawatts.  The changes come in the wake of a period of sustained growth in ground-mounted sola... Continue reading
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