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Heat bonus for riverside leisure centre and poultry farm - 7th September 2015 What have the heating systems of a Welsh poultry farm and a marina complex in Cambridgeshire got in common? They are both making full use of a passing river to increase the efficiency of their heat pump systems. When our heat pump engineers, clad in wet suits, jumped into the chilly River Ouse earlier this summer, to lay the heat pump collectors, it was hard to believe that this busy home to... Continue reading
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Act Now Before Major Solar Tariff Changes - 2nd September 2015 Last week the Government released their consultation on a review of the Feed-in Tariff scheme, which we had been eagerly awaiting. The announcement was far worse than the industry expected and has probably made the Solar industry very unstable in the short term. However, I am optimistic that solar PV will be a more important technology for delivering our electricity in ten years’ time than it... Continue reading
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Renewable Shake Up – What is happening? - 2nd September 2015 Solar PV Just when we seem to be on a clear track for solar, the government decides to make some changes to make it less popular. Not, perhaps, the greenest government approach. The latest consultations will dramatically reduce the number of large ground mounted installations, like solar farms. The biggest change for small and medium sized commercial installations is likely to come in ear... Continue reading
Energy Jam on National Grid - 6th August 2015 Connection to the National Grid is preventing the growth of renewable electricity projects. Two years ago we highlighted how many solar energy projects were effectively being held to ransom by DNOs, as in many places the grid simply can’t cope with new connection demands without costly upgrades. We’re pleased to say that the Renewable Energy Association (REA) has recently echoed our call... Continue reading
When monitoring pays off - 24th June 2015 Monitoring renewable systems means experienced engineers picking up on system errors before they impact on investments.The difficult question is should customers, after paying for their renewable system, then pay out on top for external monitoring of their new solar PV system, heat pump or biomass boiler, or do it themselves? In our experience, the answer is a definite yes.  For example, in... Continue reading
Mayor visits high profile solar installation - 24th June 2015 Shrewsbury's Mayor and Mayoress have visited TGE Group's latest 250kWp commercial roof top solar PV installation in Shropshire. The solar array, one of the largest in the West Midlands, was installed for Salop Design and Engineering, a manufacturer of metal pressings and assemblies supplying the automotive industry. The system, designed and installed by us within four weeks of our first clie... Continue reading
Is it time for carbon footprint to be added to food labelling? - 22nd June 2015 Back in 2009 the Food Standards Agency (FSA) sought to introduce a simple traffic light system onto our food packaging in order to help us make more informed decisions about the food and drink we consume and the impact that such choices have on our bodies and longer term heath.   The reasoning for their introduction was obvious enough, with almost two thirds of adults and a third of childre... Continue reading
New Energy Storage Solution Will Change the Future of Renewable Energy - 22nd June 2015 The renewable industry has taken massive steps forward since the government first introduced its incentive schemes back in 2010, with improvements in the quality of energy generation right through to a reduction in the cost of the equipment.  The improvements have helped Britain drive down its dependency on fossil fuels so that the country is now on target to be producing 15% of all its ene... Continue reading
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Solar - to clean or not to clean? - 15th May 2015 All solar PV output predictions are based on optimum performance, so if performance drops it means less power, less revenue, less savings. With nearly ten years of commercial solar PV installation experience around the country, we are learning that many commercial customers still consider solar PV as ‘fit and forget’.  Whilst enthusiasm is high at the beginning, self monitoring drops of... Continue reading
Poultry Heat Pump Site Update - Filling, flushing and purging - 28th April 2015 News that the chicks will be arriving a week early at our 1.3MW commercial poultry Heat Pump installation in Shropshire has meant all hands on deck and some serious rescheduling by project managers.  Luckily, we have long days and plenty of daylight, even sunlight, to help us meet the new deadlines. According to TGE Group project manager Dale Randall, the borehole array is now complete, wit... Continue reading
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