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Green Energy Management Flow Diagram

Procuring energy; establishing an energy monitoring system; increasing energy efficiency and developing renewable microgeneration - these are the foundations of our Green Energy Management programme to reduce the energy bills of businesses, schools and public buildings.

Our specialist energy procurement team will ensure you have the best deal for your energy whilst our dedicated management team will ensure you are not using more than you should. Our experienced team of energy assessors will review your energy needs, examine your facilities and energy spend, monitor your usage and propose recommendations in a detailed energy management report on how you can significantly reduce operating costs. Our bespoke programme of energy saving measures can help update facilities, improve working environments, reduce maintenance costs, set environmental standards and add value to the buildings by protecting them against inflation and rising fuel bills.

We are one of the few companies that can develop and deliver comprehensive energy management programmes from assessment, through installation to ongoing service support. Throughout the programme our in–house energy analysts will monitor, analyse and report on energy performance and react appropriately to ensure that our clients continue to reduce their energy costs. Often this requires a degree of behavioural change and our approach is to educate, influence, engage and showcase results to the building occupants and make energy awareness a key part of organisational culture.

Manage Your Energy Use

Our in-house team of energy analysts will provide an active and ongoing support service throughout the Green Energy Management programme working to a structured and iterative management review process that keeps the energy cost reduction plan on target.

Energy Management
  • Monitor - remote monitoring will take place to collect the data on energy consumption and generation
  • Analyse - data will be analysed on a regular basis against the target profile and converted into useful information. This will be used to assess progress on reducing energy consumption and to benchmark performance
  • Report - quarterly reports will communicate the information into stakeholder knowledge reporting the progress made and any target variances
  • Act - we will then convert the knowledge into results with appropriate action. If the energy savings are on target this could include the installation of more energy saving devices as well as regular servicing and appropriate maintenance of the equipment installed. However if progress is behind schedule and the equipment is working well, management measures will be needed to correct any variances. These measures would include an investigation into any valid operational reasons and could involve a behavioural change through a programme of education, influence and engagement. If this is the case we would offer the appropriate training and advice.

Finance is available for most programmes, minimising capital outlay, with repayments offset by generated savings.

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