Renewable Energy Experts

TGE Group is an established supplier of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems. Our in-house experts will offer you advice across a range of renewable energy technologies, including solar PV systems, solar thermal systems, heat pumps and biomass boilers. We work in the commercial, public and agricultural sectors across the UK providing a professional, reliable service to our customers, helping them to reduce their energy costs, lower their carbon output and generate additional revenue from the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

We will advise you on how to reduce your energy costs through our bespoke energy management programme. Our innovative energy efficiency products include the latest energy monitoring and control systems, low energy lighting, voltage optimisation, variable speed drives and energy storage systems. And if your cash-flow is currently tied up on other projects, but investing in renewable and energy efficient technologies is a priority, we can offer you a fully funded service. We will pay for your entire project whilst you benefit from lower energy costs for up to 40 years (qualifying criteria apply).

For more information on our renewable energy and heat and energy efficiency products and services, call our experts today on 0845 643 2528. Alternatively, please complete an enquiry form online and let us call you back


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