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Case Studies

Tiferes independent Girls School, Salford

Tiferes independent Girls School, Salford

Quick Facts

Sector: Commercial
Project: Biomass Boiler
Location: Salford
Energy Output: 253MWh of heat per year
Carbon Saving: 76 tonnes CO2 per year

“Our outdated oil central heating system broke down and couldn’t be fixed.  We saw this as a good opportunity to invest in a sustainable biomass system that could be extended as the school grows and will generate an ongoing income.  We were delighted with TGE Group’s performance including the workmanship and project management around the school’s timetable.” 
Avi Neumann, Governor responsible for the Estate. 


The Project

This leading Jewish girls’ primary school is located in an impressive Victorian building in Salford. With 140 pupils, the school is looking to expand to include a new senior school block and was keen to review the heating system for the entire school ahead of the work being done.

The Solution

The project went further than a biomass installation, requiring a complete overhaul of the current system.  Our heat team designed a system using a 199kW ETA Hack biomass boiler, to provide heat through new radiators to 14 classrooms and common areas, with the capacity to extend into new buildings as required.  The team worked carefully around the school’s educational programme to minimise disruption, whilst removing and reinstating 1500m of new pipe work and installing 86 radiators with zone controls in each area of the school.

The biomass unit was housed in a 40ft wood clad self-contained unit, pre-fitted in our warehouse with the ETA Hack biomass unit, pipe work, fuel store and plant room and delivered directly onto a concrete foundation on site.  The biomass system was then connected to the new heating system and commissioned.  The use of the self-contained solution reduced time on site and avoided the need for any extra building or plant room space.

“This was a complete overhaul from the hot and cold domestic water system, radiators and thermostatic room controls to the central biomass installation.  Our design will maximise returns from the Renewable Heat Incentive to ensure the school benefits from a short payback and 20 years of high investment returns and efficient heating.”  Matthew Evans, Heat Director, TGE Group.

Energy Saving

The 199kWp ETA Hack biomass boiler has a design efficiency of around 95% and will pay back installation costs in seven years.  The difference in emissions between oil and biomass is significant with oil generating around 307kg of CO²/MWh compared to wood pellet at 8.39kg of CO²/MWh. The system will generate 253MWh of heat per annum saving 76 tonnes of CO²/year.