Solar PV Maintenance

TGE Group is committed to making your Solar PV system perform to its best capability. We have a permanently manned technical helpline to respond to any concerns you may have and, with dedicated monitoring and maintenance engineers, we are structured to respond to any issues within 48 hours of notification with no charge for any labour or parts during the first 12 months. TGE Group then offers a comprehensive range of maintenance packages.

Solar PV Maintenance Benefits:

  • Increase your system’s lifespan.
  • Maximise your system’s performance.
  • Check for environmental degradation.
  • Fulfil warranty requirements.
  • Avoid fire risks and comply with IEC 62446
  • Early identification and resolution of minor system errors that could lead to larger problems later on.
  • Swift response to any problems that occur.

Planned Solar PV Maintenance

We tailor our routine service schedule to the PV system and our client’s requirements but we can offer the following:

  • PV System - conduct a system performance check, test and measure all the DC circuits, check and test the condition of the switchgear and junction boxes/distribution boards, clean all weather station/pyranometers, check temperature sensors, test routers and monitoring functionality. Scan and check all electrical terminations. Measure performance ratio. Take meter readings.
  • Modules - check module glass for damage, discolouration, wafer delamination, cleanliness and shading. Scan for irregularities. Clean if required (see below).
  • Inverters - interrogate inverter log, download yield data, upgrade inverter firmware, clean inverter fans and ventilation grids, check integrity of wiring and terminals, measure efficiency of DC/AC, check settings and MPPT, maintain to manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Mounting Frame - check serviceability of frame fixings, spot torque testing and cable security. Check for galvanisation wear.
  • Security - test serviceability of CCTV and check/repair fencing system as appropriate.
  • Land Management - trim vegetation as appropriate, maintain trackway, check for subsidence, vermin control.
  • Reports – as required.



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