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Use renewable energy to reduce your running costs and generate an additional revenue stream for your farm whilst enhancing the welfare of your birds.

Our complete renewable energy solution for poultry farmers has been tried and tested on chicken sheds, turkey production units and pheasant sheds. Using equipment specifically manufactured for poultry sites, we work with poultry farmers to reduce their energy costs, improve their green credentials, de-stress the living environment for their birds and generate additional revenue from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed-in Tariff (FiT). Returns on previous projects have been as high as 20%.

Through the use of multiple renewable energy technologies, we can guarantee you healthier, happier birds and lower running costs. We have also seen significant improvements with EPEF figures, with one crop exceeding target by 19.4%.

Benefits achieved through the use of renewable energy

  • Dryer bedding through reduction in humidity
  • Reduced huddling around heat sources with even heat distribution
  • Lower bird stress levels through better lighting
  • Instantaneous climate control (heating and cooling)
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased self-sufficiency with concurrent use of technologies
  • Additional revenue through the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-in Tariff schemes

Case Studies

Read through a few of our poultry case studies below. For more farming and poultry case studies, please visit our dedicated farming case studies section.

⇒ Four-shed Poultry Farm Shropshire

Read how H Timmis Farms Ltd have used heat pumps, underfloor heating and fan coil units to improve efficiencies, reduce bird stress and generate a revenue from the RHI.

⇒ Three-site Poultry Farm - Cheshire

Ian Hocknell uses his solar PV systems to reduce running costs on his poultry sites.

⇒ Innovative Poultry Farm - Wales

Learn how the Evans Family have diversified their farm over the past three years, using heat pumps to heat and cool their newest poultry shed.

⇒ Lake Heats Poultry Shed - Shropshire

Steve Dixon uses a nearby lake and a water source heat pump to heat his two rearing sheds.


If you would like more information on any of these case studies or want to arrange a visit to site to see the systems in action, please give us a call on 01829 261 765.




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